We’re A Team Of Results-Driven High Performance Wellness Speakers and Consultants Ready To Watch You Grow.

Hey! I ‘m Ryan Romano and the second half Mike McCoy. We’re the proud Co-Founders and lead speakers and consultants at Extreme Producers. We have had the pleasure of serving hundreds of individuals nationwide and featured in ESPN, HBO Hard Knocks, Bleacher report, STACK, ESPN 30 for 30, AL.com, Thrive Global and host our own podcast “Unbreakable Confidence” helping others increase their own level of performance. I also hold certifications including USAW (USA Weightlifting), FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist), and PN-1 (Precision Nutrition Level 1).

We pride ourselves on delivering the most impactful and practical strategies to your organization for greater productivity!

We show you how to create an environment where employee’s stay engaged and motivated so you can lower health costs, workers’ comp costs, and productivity loses.



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What We Do


Having spent nearly a decade of our careers in the fitness industry, we noticed an even larger problem.  Business owners, working moms/dads and even college students were dreading almost every day! They lacked energy, motivation and struggling with mental health.  They were dealing with bad habits and stress, anxiety and depression. We observed very “successful” individuals craving something more out of life and wanting to be fulfilled.

We decided to take our High-Performance Wellness experience and help organizations and universities around the country give their employees and teams the most practical performance wellness strategies because there is so much fluff out there.  We spent years digging through it all to give you the best tools!

Corporations bring us in to consult executives, employees and teams.  While universities bring us in to consult and speak to their teams.

Our mission is to give you a new standard and implement a level of energy you company craves so that they will produce greater bottom line results and increase your ROI.  We can show you how to reduce health costs, create high level performers, create strong minds so that your people are more engaged every day.