True Peace of Mind

I had the most wonderful reminder of what true peace feels like today. But let’s not start there because that is not what the last 7-10 days have felt like emotionally. Over the past couple of years I have learned and practiced the ability to live only in states that serve me and allow me to serve at the highest and most enjoyable level.

Does this mean I do not have days? Or that I do not get angry, frustrated, irritated or feel unworthy. ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Emotional Addicts

What it means is that I choose not to live my life in these emotional states. I have the most wonderful and gracious mentor who has worked with me for years on the ability to choose joy over anger, peace over frustration or worthiness rather than feeling unworthy.

I had to realize that there are certain emotions that we become addicted to and unfortunately for most those are negative emotions. So much of the world has become addicted to the feelings of lack, unhealthy, unworthy, not valued, anger or hostile.

Hence the term emotional addiction!

Once we have become addicted to those thoughts and feelings our biology is literally wired to crave those feelings. We all know or have encountered that person who always craves sadness, talks about all the pieces of their life lacking or who is hostile over every little thing.

And just like an addict whether its drugs, gambling or emotional addictions you crave MORE of it. The gambler did not start with $10,000 or $1million dollar bets. They started small and built because your brain was not getting the emotional juice it needed from $100 bets any longer.

The same goes with your emotional states. It’s why someone’s anger seems to escalate or the feeling of unworthiness deepens!

Craving Change

Just as we can become addicted to negative emotions we can crave positive emotional experiences!

We can live our lives blissful!

And that’s the point I came to this morning when I woke up to my alarm. The past week I had been living with A LOT of anxiety. Whether it was because of selling my home, travel, a wedding, moving out of my home or closing my home. I could not get to the root cause.

Letting GO

I decided to take back control this morning. I sat down for my guided meditation and decided to become one and whole with source!

I let source guide me instead of me trying to guide, fight or direct source to what I wanted.

Once I let go, I had one of the most peaceful meditation I have had in over a week. I literally walked away a completely new person. The person that loves, the person that feels whole, the person that walks successful, the person that knows their value and the person feels genuine peace.

It Gets Better

I knew I was back during my run this morning! 

So, I do not need music when I workout to “hype” me up! I allow myself to really think and feel about the person, success, worthiness, value and love that I crave. That’s what REALLY excites me. 

But prior I was back to depending on music to get me through my workouts.

Today I ran 6 miles (furthest I have run probably since college) just escaping from “The World.” I left behind my body, time and environment!

What it means for you

I understand some pieces of this might be extreme for you right now, especially if you are just starting to get away from those bad emotional addictions. But what are some areas that you can take back control of your own life.

We have every tool we need to wake up feeling love, worthiness, valued and peaceful. Find time in your day that serves YOU!

I promise when you escape from that person the universe will open her floodgates and pour the most wonderful feelings of abundance, love, value and peace into you!