What Do Kids REALLY Want

As parents, friends, coaches and teachers do we ever stop to consider what kids REALLY desire? The more I dive into my own thoughts and belief system it has me interested in how we are living and influencing those around us.

Kids crave role models. Even from an early age whether its a superhero they read about, a celebrity, a famous athlete or even our friends or families. They will do nearly anything to feel love and affection.

Are we giving them what THEY want

Over the past several years I have become very quiet. I continue to study trends our nation's young adults are facing and how it is affecting their psychology but I have started to listen more…

I have started to really focus in on how they are saying things and their body language whether it tells the same story or something different…

The #1 Desire

Over the years with millions of dollars worth of research studying this and tens of thousands of interactions with young adults I have come to realize what most of them truly desire.

One of the deepest desires that ignites their soul on fire is for meaning relationships!

And I mean on a deep level. Many times as teachers, coaches or parents we only know kids at a very surface level. We ask them about school, about practice within their hobbies or how their friends are doing…

But do we ever take a step back and see if they are just living up to the standards and programs we hardwired into their minds or are these their choices and desires…

How It Clicked

The light bulb went off while consulting with a team on the standards they expected of their coaches.

What were the things that they expected from their coaches and if they did not live up to they should be held accountable as well.

Too many times we hold our kids to certain expectations but have we ever spent the time to find out what it is they desired from us?

So, as I am ready to make a list of things on a white board a junior on the team raises their hand and as the FIRST THING they agreed upon as a team was…

  1. We want our coaches to have a relationship with us beyond our sport!

Wow! Yeah I know many of you might be saying duh or that’s a no brainer but how many of you actually practice this. 

Because as an influencer most of the time we are only looking for results, but what if this type of love, care and affection could drive 10x the results?

And I mean life long results. Ones that begin combating the trends of rising anxiety and depression and that is why I know it is my moral obligation to offer that to every parent or young adult across the country.

I will not stop listening. I won’t stop researching to stay up to date with the battles kids are having in their identity, their worthiness and value!

Let’s all open our ears and find out kids deepest desires and NOT WHAT THEY SAY, but genuinely what they mean!

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