Why Can’t I Just RELAX

Do you ever experience a day, week or maybe even longer that you can not get the universe to deliver what your mind and heart craves? And I mean a deep craving! The one where you wake up and it’s on your mind until the moment you go to bed, then that’s assuming you can even sleep because you want it that bad!

I know I have caught myself stuck in this loop many times throughout my life.

Poor Programming

We have been programmed to believe, especially in sports, that you have to work hard to achieve your dreams. You have to grind to shine. Give 110%. No Pain No Gain. Practice makes perfect. There a hundreds of these type of messages coaches, teachers and role models have programmed us to believe.

For me, I recently (this week) came to notice a limiting belief similar to this.

The belief was that if I wanted any goal and I did not achieve or receive it and it didn’t upset me then I must not care. It must have not been that meaningful to me.

This belief has caused me to OBSESS whenever I set out to accomplish or receive a desire. 

But was this obsession a good or bad thing?

The Lightbulb

Not to long ago I asked my mentor to nominate me to be a speaker at a meaningful event. And then it started…

I wanted land this gig BAD! I added it to my daily guided meditations. I thought about it most of the day. This was that chance to propel 5 steps forward, it was going to give me massive credibility. 

It was going to show every university, company or organization that turned their nose up at me that I was WORLD CLASS. The ones that told me I was too young or lacked influence. The ones that told me to my face I was a fraud…

I visualized and welcomed those feelings and emotions of being on that stage day and night...Weeks went by…


Nothing. It was days away and I had not heard anything from the host organization. So I reached out to them.

After a couple days of hunting them down I finally got a response and they responded with “No we have selected our line up for this year, but we would encourage you to come out to listen and hang out”

What Happened: I wanted it BAD

I was a combination of angry, sad, frustrated and confused. Confused by how did this did not manifest when I as much, if not more qualified than everyone that landed on stage.

I began to wonder and question how powerful I REALLY was. Over the past several years I had been so good at creating my life. What happened?

Major Idea

First and foremost obsessing means you’re NOT trusting. I was not trusting source to deliver my desires. My mind was spinning 24/7 about being on this stage in front of everyone delivering the most jaw dropping presentation.

I was unable to just LET GO. I was unable to put it in the hands of source and feel the energy of it being done!

Too many times in life we are trying to write the script on how WE WANT our desires, but who has the better view of what serves us and our desires. Is it us or source?

I was actually so frustrated and stressed with what was going on I had to stop my meditations for 2 days just to calm down. I had to go buy 4 books and sit and read to stop obsessing.


So yesterday I made the decision to get back into my meditations and go back to The Essence of what I was really after. I wanted Peace and Abundance.

Both have manifested in my day to day over the past 48 hours. Now don’t get me wrong, these are not jaw dropping results but its source talking to me.

I slept better, I have gotten back to my creative/innovative discussions on growing our business with Mike, in these 2 days have had 5 families inquiry about signing up and lastly I have been looking to purchase tickets for a trip and I waited until this morning to purchase. Best thing was the price dropped today from when I looked on Monday!

Sometimes we just need to let go. Stop trying to be in control all the time and stop obsessing!

Can’t wait to tell you about my next massive manifestation!!! #TakeBackControl